by Église

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JT EXTREME A fierce, relentless attack that goes straight for the jugular... and the loins. Talk about a bullseye! Favorite track: Have I Become Hell.
Robert Barrere
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Robert Barrere Impressive debut! I read a review of this album online and checked it out on Bandcamp...instantly bought the album. If you're a fan of Converge and bands of a similar vein, this is the album for you. Favorite track: A Host Of Sparrows.
FLESH MECHANIC Evil spawn of Converge and The Crinn, this chaotic hardcore will melt your face off before the first song is over. Favorite track: In Search Of Substance.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Caught this one by lucky chance browsing the Mathcore Index group on FB. We may have a new rising star out of Denmark. If you yearn for more dark, extreme mathcore of the likes of Converge and Botch, your search is over. Full review: metaltrenches.com/reviews/mathematical-milestone-338 Favorite track: A Host Of Sparrows.
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Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this record


released January 1, 2016

Martin Nielskov: Vocals
Lukas Frederiksen: Guitar
Lars Mårtensson: Bass and samples
Mathias Thevik Ernst: Drums

Additional vocals by:
Tobias Munk Tønder and Morten Kjærgaard of No Fealty
Recorded, mixed and mastered by:
Tobias Munk Tønder of Angry Music Studios
Artwork by: All Is Visual

Out on:
Grains of Sand Records (Russia)
Rakkerpak Records (Denmark)
Angry Music Records (Denmark)
Dingleberry Records (Germany)
The Mind Is Everything Records (Norway)
Tjueto Cvlt (Germany)
Desordre Ordonne (Canada)



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Église Denmark

Chaotic Hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: The Clouds
We teach in more than one way to use the knife. We teach in more than one way to kill and die. We cut all that is incomplete away and say “now it's perfect, because it ends by my hand”. No, I will not give my life to you. I said no, I will not give my life to you. There is no rescue, we must take this life for what it is and pay for mans cruelty. I said no, I will not give my life to you.
Track Name: A Host Of Sparrows
I'm approaching a host of sparrows. And I approach them fast. Mountains must be crossed, to stop this crusade for understanding. I know the truth. And in darkness wolves are whispering. If I stop to rest this body of mine, in the shade beneath the young tree, claws and teeth will claim me. And I will never again stand. So I use my ears and listen to what we speak of.
Track Name: The Mountains
Why have we the desire for war when mountains turn to dust, this will always be a mystery to me, a riddle I cannot solve. A riddle I hold dear. The bitter sweet love waves with its alluring arms and a promise of eternal ecstasy. Why do I remember pain and dreams of bygone sin? Why have sleep become my enemy. Why is death so near.
Track Name: For All That Is Growing
Realize the power of everything that is growing. My soul has no taste for paradise tonight. I swear by my flesh that everything I am is a collaboration that goes beyond our wildest imagination. Since I am convinced of this, who am I then?
Track Name: Have I Become Hell
Any attempt to understand life will fail, if not based on a study of history as a slow inevitable process, which we must go through. Those who try to do this, will find it as difficult as searching for truth in a lie. You can't see the light without acknowledging darkness.
Track Name: Light Conqueror
Greatness is temporary it never repeats itself. Light conqueror. Greatness spawns from human myth. Those who experience greatness must believe in the myth they are going through. They must reflect on their greatness and must above all sense the sardonic. If not, greatness will devour them. The path of the self should lead through the sardonic.
Track Name: Blood Vessels
I am coming back, "yes that is a lie". I don’t want this to be another story from the big book of endless sad stories. We die, we try, nothing more.
Track Name: In Search Of Substance
Let me be, set me free. Looking frustrated after substance in this hell. I am here alone, don’t you pray for me. Deep inside the human subconscious lives the logic. Although the real universe will always be one step ahead of logic. Must we do our best to make this life better? Just let us make it better.